What we are

TEXMARK ASSOCIATES LIMITED is an indenting and trading company in Bangladesh since 2003. We act as manufacturer’s representatives and provide the buyers with the right suppliers and quality material for Textile, Spinning, Fabrics, Weaving, and Dyeing projects as well. We started our operation as an indenting agency with a vision of delivering customer-oriented quality products and services that can satisfy the needs & demands of our valuable customers. Our manufacturers are mostly from Europeans, Germans, Chinese, and so on. We not only provide indents but also carry out simultaneously the erection, commissioning, spare parts support, and after-sales activities of the installations.

Mission: Our mission is to lead the industry by providing better services to the Clients and assurance about Product quality and satisfaction.

Values: Quality and Service.

We promise our clients: Growth, Reliability, Services, and Customer Satisfaction.

Texmark Associates Ltd. stands for:

  • Enhance efficiency and increase productivity for clients
  • Improve Customer Service for clients

“Texmark was founded in 2003 as a proprietorship concern with the Vision to contribute in the field of Textile by providing World Branded product with best possible service to our Valued Entrepreneurs.

TMC is a customer-focused company with the global reach to help clients with their Textile needs. We have been supplying a range of textile machinery, Total Quality Control as well Chemical from internationally reputed manufacturers to the Bangladesh market. .

The major Field of our Representation is the Marketing of Capital machinery as well Spare Parts for the Spinning, Weaving as well Wet processing sectors.

In the Spinning Sector, we are Representing Rosink, GmbH, Germany for the total Solution of Servicing of Ring and well Card and Flat Shop.

And also for Total Quality control solution, Mesdan are providing a full range of Quality Control Equipments for spinning, Dyeing and Weaving sectors from 50 years of experience of European State Art of Technology. And Mesdan Splicer for splicing of any kind of Fields is its Unique.

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