Mesdan Lab – Auto Chroma IR

This machine is oil bath type infrared laboratory dyeing machine, it combines the advantages of traditional glycerol dyeing machine with common infrared dyeing machine together. It’s apply to dyeing and testing the color fastness of the knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, loose fiber, zipper etc. ir dyeing machine was special design for the dyeing industry, chemical industry, raw material, cloth which can simulate the production conditions exactly and reach the process effect.

Lab Dyeing Machine is designed to make quick dyeing samples at a reduced cost. Fabric testing labs need this sample dyeing machine for sample dyeing, and fabric manufacturers also use it before the mass dyeing process to reduce the risk of getting unexpected dyeing results. Unlike traditional fiber dyeing machines, This dyeing lab equipment moves the beakers in a circular rotation with advanced infrared heating technology eliminating glycol contamination and cumbersome beaker cleaning.

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