RoZa Plastik was born in 2010 but with experience of more than 45 years with Europen know-how with specializing in the field of production: plastic yarn carriers. Today the range of RoZa Plastik products includes approximately 900 items, designed for all yarn processing phases: preparation for spinning (ring, open-end, self-acting), twisting, winding, and package dyeing. Package dyeing solutions

Over recent years, the RoZa range has been enriched by several higly innovative, patented products design especially for the requiremnts of package dyeing, a rapidly developing dield. The philosophy which characterizes the new systems is attempting to combine the best dyeing result with maximus simplicity in using the yarn carrier. The latest generation of products have been planned, designed and tested in collaboration with high-level machinery manufactures and users, and have proved revolutionary – in terms of results and costs – with respect to traditional yarn carriers, to such an extent that they have marited the definition of “advanced” systems. Innovation e quality.

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